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I am delighted to welcome all students, staff, parents, guardians, and friends of the faculty to the web page of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Kwara State University, Malete. Our faculty seeks to be a leading figure in research, innovation, community service and entrepreneurship. We have a robust and experienced teaching and technical staff committed to producing excellent students in various fields of science. Our programmes are unique, robust, current, and comparable to the best in the world. The faculty offers outstanding undergraduate (B. Sc.) and graduate (PGD, M.Sc., Ph. D) degree programs. Our graduates currently work in universities, research institutes, industries and with government agencies nationally and internationally.


The Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences was established as one of the foundation colleges with the inception of Kwara State University, Malete in 2009. The faculty started with three (3) Departments, namely Biosciences and Biotechnology, Chemical, Geological and Physical Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics. From this modest beginning and with just a few students and a few staff, the faculty has grown to become a leading centre for teaching, research and community development. The faculty is presently made up of nine (9) departments with over 6,000 regular students and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in eleven (11) programmes that are all fully accredited by the National University Commission. At its inception, Prof. Deboye Kolawole served as the foundation provost of the College of Pure and Applied Sciences. Other past provosts of the College include Prof. Silas Dada, Prof. Adebayo Olaniyi Aina and Prof. Adebayo A. Oladimeji. The current Dean is Emmanuel Oladipo Ajani, a professor of Biochemistry. Our staff conducts research comparable to the standard obtainable internationally and our research is focused on solving global environmental, industrial and nutritional challenges, understanding diseases and developing new drugs, advancing technologies, analysing data and much more. Our staff strength includes over one hundred (100) academic staff and thirty-one (31) technical staff. According to the Community development vision of Kwara State University, we emphasize nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of our students within their disciplines. With our industrial training programme, which is an essential component of our curriculum, our students are well prepared to meet the increasingly complex needs of the future.


The faculty has continued to play a leading role in the university in research and sharing of research information. Some of the achievements of the faculty include:

Faculty Lecture

On 21st March 2021, the faculty held the maiden edition of the annual Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences lecture series. The faculty lecture was conceived to cultivate a stronger academic atmosphere at Kwara State University by showcasing the scholarly activities of renowned academics. The faculty lecture serves as an annual intellectual rallying point for scholars, students, and the public by drawing eminent scholars from around the globe to KWASU to engage in intellectual conversation and discourse. The lecture series showcases and promotes excellence in science and provides rich opportunities for students, faculty staff and the public to listen to internationally renowned scholars as they address important issues in science. The lecture topics are carefully selected to address scientific issues of the day and provide the right forum to discuss advancement in science. In 2022, the lecture was renamed “Professor Musbau Akanji, Annual Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Lecture” and an endowment programme was thereafter instituted to ensure that the lecture is held in perpetuity. Past guest lecturers are Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka (former Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan) who gave a lecture on “New Frontiers in 3D Geological Mapping and Implications for Solid Mineral Development in Nigeria”. Professor Musbau Akanji, FAS (a two times Vice-Chancellor) delivered the 2022 Annual Lecture that was titled “Role of Science, Technology and Innovation in National Development: Any Hope for Nigeria in This 21st Century?” The 2023 Annual lecture was titled “Leveraging on participative global treaties and strategies – imperatives for pollution control and sustainable development” and was delivered by distinguished Professor Babajide I Alo FAS, from University of Lagos.

Hands-on training on The Use of Laboratory Equipment

Recognizing the fact that laboratory equipment plays a paramount role in the training of graduates of science, the faculty on Wednesday, 28th July 2021, organized a hands-on-training capacity building programme on the use and application of laboratory equipment. The training programme which attracted participants from across faculties in the Kwara State University was designed to strengthen the technical know-how of the academic and technical staff of the faculty and other university staff for a better teaching and research output. Facilitators for the training programme were drawn from universities and Research Institutions in Nigeria.

Staff Seminar

On 22nd February 2022, the faculty kickstarted a monthly staff seminar series. The staff seminar is targeted at ensuring a proper flow of knowledge and assisting in passionate interaction among our staff, thereby boosting the skills and expertise of our faculty. It is also designed for members of the University community, the industry, research institutes and the public to engage and strengthen collaborations. The seminars showcase the scholarly activities of faculty selected across the existing disciplines and by it, the lecturers share the enthusiasm and dedication that sustains their creative efforts.

Research Clusters

Towards deepening research culture and enhancing research collaborations among faculties and across departments, the faculty established five (5) research cluster groups each headed by a professor. The mission of the cluster groups includes promoting the translation of research output into product development, facilitating research collaborations with industries, and promoting annual research exhibitions. Each of these cluster groups has a mandate to develop research proposals and seek to attract research grants to the university.

Inaugural & Valedictory Lecture Presentation

Two members of the faculty, Professor Emmanuel Oladipo Ajani (Dean) and Professor Sunday Awe (HOD, Microbiology) presented the 9th and 11th (respectively) Inaugural lectures of Kwara State University. A faculty member, Professor Adebayo Oladimeji also presented the first valedictory lecture at Kwara State University.


The Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences focuses on university education in the field of basic and applied Sciences with a mission that focuses on developing critical thinking, scientific knowledge, and technological and analytical abilities in our students. This is with the aspiration of making the training of our students relevant to the needs of the community and the world in general. Hence, our curriculum emphasizes developing and sharpening our students’ analytical, creative thinking and presentation skills. We strive to engage both our students and staff in continued community outreach and excellence in teaching, research, and practical skills training.


Prof.Emmanuel Oladipo Ajani

Email: emmanuel.ajani@kwasu.edu.ng

Dr. Abdulazeez Kayode Jimoh

Sub-Dean Email:abdulazeez.jimoh@kwasu.edu.ng

Lateefat Ranti abdulkadir

Secretary to the Dean


Hamid Jawondo Abdulquadir

Faculty Officer


Falilat Elelu Wahab

Assistant Faculty Officer 1


Habeebullah Abiola Kamaldeen

Assistant Faculty Officer 2

Email: habeekam@gmail.com Tel:+2348035439290

Bolanle Juliet Olayele

Administrative Officer (Dean's Office)

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